Twenty eighteen was the year that clutter was decluttered. People of all ages adopted a less-is-more lifestyle and were tossing everything from household items, clothes, and jewelry, to dusty old textbooks that were just taking up space. Instead, we chose to spend money on items we loved, that made us laugh, brought us joy and reminded us of the amazing times we had with family and friends.

Twenty eighteen was also the year that emoji's got a fun and relatable facelift, they were a hot addition to conversations both online and offline. On World Emoji Day, Apple announced the introduction of 157 new emoji's, giving us more smiley faces to express ourselves with.

What does this mean? We are becoming cheaper while expressing ourselves in bold new ways. Halloween 2017 we spent a whopping $9.1 billion dollars, in 2018 we were more careful spending just $9 billion dollars because face it; we do not want more meaningless stuff, and every cent counts!

Halloween is no longer about breaking the bank for clothing and accessories we are unable to wear any day of the year. Emoji’s on t-shirts are always a hot trend and a fun way to celebrate. With these bright and bold t-shirts, you can party with friends and create a tighter bond with your tribe, while taking amazing pictures to be cherished for years to come.

Don't want to buy a devil costume you could never wear to your company picnic? Get yourself an emoticon t-shirt with a wicked smiling devil, it will be much cheaper on your pocket, and more fun all year round. Grab your girlfriends, and spend a night on the town wearing your “Whatever” emoticon t- shirts, that bad dancer eyeing you all night will think twice before buying you a drink. Hashtag #WinningHalloween.

Having a great time does not have to mean buying more stuff. Think outside of the box, and be free in expressing your personality every day of the year.