Have you ever been told to turn your frown upside down? Well, now you can no matter how you feel! Emoticon Fashions has released the world’s best emoticon fashion line great for youth, teens, and adults everywhere! Now you can literally wear your emotions to let others know how you feel.

Feeling frumpy? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with one of our “whatever” t-shirts. Wanting to let the world see your inner sunshine? We’ve got that, too, with an entire collection of happy and positive emoji clothing!

Be the envy of your friends with a brand new Emoticon Fashions wardrobe. Our collection uses the world’s most popular emojis and brings the power of unspoken communication to your closet.

From sunglasses and winking faces to grins and heart eyes, Emoticon Fashions includes all the emojis you’ve come to know and love. Join the ever-growing emoji world takeover by investing in a new Emoticons Fashions wardrobe today! If you buy now, you’ll forever cement your legacy in the emoji fashion revolution!

Be a trendsetter and let the world know how you feel with your purchase of a one-of-a-kind emoji t-shirt today!

What We’re About

At Emoticon Fashions, we have one mission, and it’s simple: We want to make every voice heard. We understand that sometimes in life there are things that just can’t be said—and in those cases, you use an emoji instead. But we believe that emojis shouldn’t be limited to the texting and online world. That’s why we’re bringing you the power of emojis right to your wardrobe!

With our emoji fashion line, you now have more options than ever to express your inner being! With our collection of stylish summer and winter clothes, you’ll enjoy access to emotionally-freeing clothing all year long!

At the end of the day, our fashion line is about you. While our clothing is made with festive, light colors that look to brighten almost anyone’s day, the power of its emoji design gives wearers the ability to express themselves no matter their emotional state.

Why Emojis?

Here’s a question we get a lot: why emojis? How did you think to build a whole fashion brand off smiley faces?

Good question.

The answer is actually pretty simple. Emojis are everywhere. Take a look at your text message history. Look online at any social media platform. You’ll find that literally everyone is using emojis—including you.

Whether you are an occasional emoji user or an emoji abuser (you know who you are), there’s a good chance that you’ve used almost every emoji at least once. You probably even have a favorite. You send it every day to brighten up your messages, and now you can wear it on your shirt.

Emoticon Fashions believes in the power of the emoji. We recognize the ability of these small symbols to have a profound impact on a conversation. Think about it: would text messaging be possible without emojis?

Imagine you get a text from your boyfriend after an argument. The two of you have spent hours “cooling” down, and you are starting to regret arguing. Suddenly, you realized it wasn’t even him getting on your nerves—you were just hungry. As you roll over in bed, you get a text from him, and your heart starts racing. Is he still mad? “Goodnight”

The message is simple. You frown. He’s told you goodnight, but for some reason you get the sneaking suspicion that he’s still angry. You want to ask him, but you just drop it. It’s certainly not worth arguing again.

Does that sound like an awful situation? It is. Amazingly, you can avoid this type of conundrum through the power of emojis.

Imagine you are in the same situation and you get this text: “Goodnight 😊” Good. Great. He’s not angry anymore. A heavy weight is lifted off your chest. Elated, you send him back “😊 😊 😊 goodnight.”

As you can see, emojis are more than just “smiley faces” (though they are certainly that, too). They are the unspoken representations of our feelings. They are nuanced beyond words. They are like body language in blind communication—and they are absolutely crucial to 21st century conversation.

Emoticon Fashions understands this. We also know that because of this everyone feels connected to emojis. In a way, emojis ARE us.

So what better way to express yourself than through one of our fabulous emoji shirts?

Don’t worry. We don’t know the answer to that, either.

Who We’re For

Emoticon Fashions understands that people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and of course, emotional states. Our clothing is designed to never exclude anyone. Ever. Our clothing line comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes, making them great for people of almost any age.

At Emoticon Fashions, we’re proud to say that we’re for anyone who’s seeking to make their voice heard.

We’re for the couple looking for heart eyes shirts.

We’re for the guy who wears his sunglasses tee—at night.

We’re for those waiting behind couches, under tables, and behind doors in our surprised face tees to yell, “Happy birthday!”

At Emoticon Fashions, we’re here for you. No matter what emotion you may be feeling, let our emoji fashion make your voice heard. Wear your emotions on your sleeve, as the proverbial saying goes, and let those around you know just how you feel.

What We Offer

At Emoticon Fashions, we offer clothing that represents you. Our inclusion of popular and expressive emojis helps our clothing connect with and speak for you in ways that other clothing simply can’t. What other than our heart eyes shirt could you wear to tell someone I love you? Plaid? Flannel? Yeah, that wouldn’t really work.

Our boundary-breaking clothing revolutionizes the industry with beautifully-designed, expressive tees. Available for men, women, and youth, our clothing works great for families and couples and for those who are single. No matter the occasion or your status in life, our emoji fashion is sure to connect with you.

Already married? Coordinate your clothing with your spouse for unique couple clothing! Have a crush? Send masked signals their way by wearing one of our heart eyes t-shirts. Is there someone you don’t like who just won’t leave you alone? Try wearing one of our poop tees next time they come around. Who knows? They might even get the message. The possibilities are endless!

With our expressive emoji clothing line, you can communicate your way with those around you. A great creative outlet, our emoji t-shirts can give your right-brain a workout!

And now, we’re giving you the opportunity to up your fashion game even more with our line of emoji accessories. Choose from our selection of emoticon fun jewelry or our iron-on patches or pins. These products are designed to give you the maximum in emoji fashion—and you surely won’t be disappointed. Up for a bit of fun? Invite your friends to try out our products, too.

While it’s certainly great to be the most stylish of the bunch, you will have a blast wearing your different emoji tees as a group. Send group messages with our expressive tees, or battle each other to see who can come up with the most complete outfit. Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure that you and your friends will have a wild time coming up with creative ways to show off your emoji clothing.

And really that’s what it’s all about.

At Emoticon Fashions, we don’t just offer smiley face clothing. We put a real smile on your face. Big, Bold Colors. It’s not just our emojis that can tell others how you feel!

Our Emoticon Fashions clothing line comes in a series of big, bold colors that help accentuate your mood. Select your favorite color from our collection to have the emoji t-shirt of your dreams! Available in yellow, pink, and blue, our clothing adds a bit of flavor to your life. Stand out from the crowd in the shirt of your choice. Like all our emoji designs, our colors are selected to make sure that you stand out from the rest. We don’t believe in dull and boring. And yes, there’s a difference between having a yellow smiley face and a blue smiley face.

It’s all about the nuance. Our Emoticon Fashions line can help you become a master of subtlety. Color your life with our creative tees and send the world a clear message: you know your fashion.

Where to Wear

Our 100% original emoji fashion lines are perfect for any occasion. Feeling groovy? Wear one of our playful tees to your little brother’s birthday party. With our fun and colorful designs, you are sure to make a scene. Planning on a casual date with that special someone? Wear one of our shirts to show your significant other exactly they make you feel. With our “Heart Eyes” shirt, you never have to hide how you feel! Make any date a special one with our low-priced tees.

Overworked and underpaid? Our “Poop” shirts are perfect for the office! Why wear that boring uniform when you can stick it to the man with one of our rocking fecal tees? Okay, we’re kidding with that one. We can only assume that your job is important, so it’s better not to break any protocols. That’s not to say you can’t wear it when you’re off the clock, however… or when you’re picking up your check.

Whatever the occasion, Emoticon Fashions has the perfect top for you. If you are as serious about your emojis as we are, we suggest getting a whole line of our clothing! There’s nothing better than having a shirt that represents each one of your moods. And who doesn’t want to do a little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with their clothing? It doesn’t have to end with you! Send your kids off to school with the perfect outfit. Actually, don’t. Send them with the perfect outfits.

Yes, it’s plural for a reason.

Emotion Fashions has mastered the art of being passive aggressive. With a full array of our clothing, your child can literally rock it every period. Favorite class? Try out our heart-shaped tees! Math teacher a real stinker? Well, there’s nothing wrong with changing your shirt right before math class… right?

We thought so.

Our clothing gives anyone who wears it a voice. So why wait? Speak up today by checking out our full line of products!


What’s better than having your very own colorful emoji shirt? How about having one for as low as $8.99?

Our styles are high-quality and low-priced to make sure you get the maximum bang for your buck. Our incredibly-low rates give you a reason to wear a smile… on your shirt, of course.

Let me tell you a joke. There are people out there who pay triple this price for boring, checkered work shirts. Ouch. It’s almost too sad to laugh.

But as long as we’re being heartless (and yes, there’s an emoji for that), let’s have ourselves a good chuckle. After all, it won’t be you making such a bad decision. Someone of your esteem would never make such a poor choice. Standard clothing is the wardrobe of paupers. With Emoticon Fashions, you can upgrade yourself into fashion royalty.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Emoticon Fashions brings this saying to life with stylish clothing that will put you ahead of the crowd. There’s literally no better way to dress yourself. Really, you only have two options.

You can choose from our line of expressive clothing and stun your family and friends, or you can spend more money buying clothes that don’t look as good. It really is that simple.

With countless emoji designs and colors, our clothing will give you a new voice so that you’ll never be at a loss for words. Gain your confidence with the trendiest clothes around. Upgrade your style and step into the 21st century.

Or, you know, keep shopping for those 1950s plaids. We’re sure your grandma would love to help.